This year's workshop will take place in the Grand Hotel Portoroz in the Galea & Batana congress hall. We will have several plenary and invited talks discussion the wonderful topics of Modern Day High Energy Physics - Astroparticle Physics , Beyond Standard Model Physics, Collider Physics and last but certainly not least Flavor Physics.

Hotel Slovenija


The Conference Reception will be held on Tuesday evening, April 11, 2023, in the Grand Hotel Portoroz lobby at 19:00, where we will first enjoy some music by the guitar and trumpet duo of Moder & Matkovic, and then we will have a chance eat, drink and socialize and get to know each other again.

Wine and cheese Poster session

On Wednesday evening at 18:30 we will have a wine and cheese poster session in the Grand Hotel Portoroz lobby, where you can enjoy some wine and cheese while looking at the posters and talking to the authors.

Workshop Dinner

The workshop dinner will be held on Thursday, April 13, 2023, in the restaurant "Marina Portoro┼ż", and you can look at some photos here. We will have a choice of three menus, the meat one, the fish one and the vegan one - each of them meant to inspire your taste buds and make you feel like you are in heaven.

Conference dinner at Marina Portoroz


The workshop excursion will be held on Friday, April 14, 2023, and will take us to the Lipica Stud Farm and the Vinakras Winery. We will have a chance to see the famous Lipizzaner horses and learn about their history, as well as enjoy some wine and cheese. The departure will be from the Grand Hotel Portoroz at 14:00, and we will return at 19:00. The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • 14:00 - Departure from the Grand Hotel Portoroz
  • 15:00 - Tour of the Lipica Stud Farm
  • 16:45 - Tour of the Vinakras Winery
  • 19:00 - Arrival at the Grand Hotel Portoroz

Lipizzaner horses